Rice Milling Machine-- paddy de-cleaner and paddy separator


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Rice is one of the nomal grain in our daily. The increasing demannd for rice has greatly improved business that related to rice. Rice milling is a most important process for rice and paddy. With the highly development of economy, rice milling equipment has play a key role in rice business,especially for the commercial purpose. Hence the development ofrice mill machine is more effective, more efficient and more quality is promising In order to improve rice quality to get the national standard, some rice processing machine has to be used, like paddy de-cleaner, paddy separator, and rice milling machine.

 Paddy de-cleaner, paddy cleaner is suitable for cleaning and classifying the grain. It aims to remove big or small impurities and stones from raw grain, rice, wheat, corn, soybean, sesame, etc. So it is the ideal machien for grain processing plant or flour mill.There are three kinds of paddy cleaner according to its useage,Combined Cleaner, Rotary Paddy Cleaner,Vibration Cleaner, among this three, combine paddy de-elaner is the most popular one.

Paddy separator, is feasible for separating brown rice from paddy efficiently under reciprocating movement of sieve plate according to different bulk densities, specific gravities and surface friction coefficients between paddy and brown rice. It is particularly suitable for separating mixed or low uniformity grain to improve the purity degree of brown rice. There are two kinds of paddy separator, one is Single-bod, the other is Double-body. Good paddy separating effect can not only increase the whole output greatly, but also increase economic benefit enormously. 

Spare Parts of Rice Mill Machine

 Spare parts for rice mill machine refers to the incorporation of  the automatic feeding device, cleaning sieve, stone separator machine, iron roller paddy husker, husk separation, gravity sieve for paddy and brown rice separating, iron roller milling machine, iron roller polishing machine, broken rice grading machine, electrical control cabinet. Machine construction along with its main parts are complete can be seen in the picture below.

 1) Shutter, as the main valve controls the expenditure of grain in hopper.

2) Feeding roll, a roll leveler serves to regulate the importation and spread the rice on the rubber roll.

3) Rubber roll, serves as a breaker of rice

4) Roll gap adjuster, serves as spacer rubber rollers.

5) Distribution, serves to divide the flow of brown rice out of a rubber roll.

6) Wind adjuster controls the air entering the blower.

7) Blower, suction air function is the air flow from inlet to brown rice husk and then brought out through husk outlet.

8) Husk outlet, serves as the drain husk

9) Rice outlet, serves as a channel that has a separate brown rice with husk

Working principle ofrice processing plant

 The working principle, employed in the metal removing operation on a milling machine, is that the work has rigidly clamped on the board of the machine, or held between centers, and revolving multi-teeth cutter mounted moreover on a spindle or an arbor. The cutter revolves at a fairly high speed and the work fed leisurely past the cutter as shown in figure. The work can be fed in a vertical, longitudinal or cross direction. As the work advances, the cutter-teeth do away with the metal from the work surface to produce the desired shape.

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How to maintain the rice grader

1. The equipment should be installed on the firm and horizonal floor

2. Must stop working and check troubles, if the abnormal phenomenons emerged, such as abnormal vibration, much noise and high exceeding temperature.

3. Sieve hole keep clean and should clear up everyday, if found problems ,please maintain timely.

4. Each driving part should be lubricated at the regular internals

5. The changed components should suitable for rice grader perfectly.

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