Should I Buy Lawn Mowers Online Or Is This A Bad Decision?


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If you are in the market for a new mower, you might be tempted to look online and purchase the same way you do your clothes and groceries. Some people, however, are hesitant to take the plunge and click submit because they aren’t sure whether this is the best way to shop. So, should you purchase lawn mowers online or would this be a bad decision? In this article, we have outlined the pros and cons of shopping over the internet.


For many people, there is no question of them shopping any other way. We have outlined some of the advantages that you will enjoy:

    • You are given the freedom to shop when it suits you, whether this is during your lunch break at work or of an evening after you have put the kids to bed. You won’t be bound by standard store opening hours, as the internet is open all the time.
    • You are able to shop around for the best price, as many websites allow you to compare models and prices. Businesses that don’t have a physical premises will also be able to offer cheaper prices, because they don’t have any overheads (like rent) to cover.
    • You can have the mower delivered to your home or workplace, which is perfect if you have ordered a ride on or you have an overly small car. The delivery fee is often quite low or is included in the initial purchase cost of the machine, so you may as well take advantage.


For other people, purchasing lawn mowers online is never going to be the right decision. We have outlined the disadvantages you need to be wary of:

    • You are, generally, unable to inspect the mower before you purchase it, so it is a matter of buyer beware. The machine you receive may not match the advertised picture, it may not work or you might be scammed and not receive anything after purchasing.
    • You might struggle to return the mower should it be damaged or require warranty repairs. Businesses that don’t have a physical premises are notorious for not responding to emails or returning telephone calls when you are experiencing an issue.
    • You are unable to test the mower before you purchase it, which means that you run the risk of it not being suited to the needs of your property or your body. At least going into a store will allow you to sit on or stand behind the model prior to buying.

At the end of the day, the decision to purchase lawn mowers online or not is a completely personal one. Those who are distrustful of the internet and never do any online shopping are unlikely to find it the right choice, whereas those who are busy and regularly shop via the internet will find it hugely beneficial. It could also be the right decision for you now but could be completely unsuitable a year or even 6 months down the track.

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