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Small Feed Production Line for Making Livestock and Poultry Feed

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What is small feed pellet line?

Small feed pellet line is additionally known as mini feed manufacturing line or cell feed pellet line which is used to method animal feeding pellets. Our small feed pellet line is can produce 2-8mm of feed pellets, the yield is 0.6-3t/h. This feed whole laptop set is extensively used in small and medium dimension of feed pellet manufacturing line, farm animals farms and folks who elevate animals, etc. The feeds are appropriate for pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese and different aquatic organisms.

Function of Small Feed Pellet Line

Small feed pellet line has a way to grinder, mixer, convey, pelletizer, cooler in one means, which can grind the maize and bean pulp via the grinding machine, then combine with the wheat bran, bone meal, microelement, nutrition and different uncooked substances to make the whole feed. Those whole feed is made into pellet feeds by way of feed pellet mills. The pellet feeds can be packed immediately after the screening and cooling.

Feed Pellet Making Process

As the picture, the corn and bean cake are floor by using the self-suction grinding machine. The substances that don’t want to be floor like wheat bran, bone meal, microelement, diet without delay go into the mixing computing device from the feeding port. All the substances are combined uniformly and despatched to the hopper then despatched into feed bin by using screw conveyor. After that, the substances go into feed pellet mill gear evenly from the feeding port and are produced into pellets. Those pellets then go into the cooling machine. Under the feature of ID fan, the pellets are cooled to the temperature that is no longer over 5? than the room temperature. The cool pellets are screened with the aid of the vibrating screen, then they can be packaged.

Note: We can customize the feed manufacturing line according to the customer's requirement.

Performance of Small Feed Pellet Line

Compact structure, occupying small area, low requirement to the plant, low investment.

Easy to install, no need for civil engineering and welding at scene. The feed pellet computer can be used without delay after the connection with low set up cost.

Continuous production, convenient operation, small labor capacity, desiring much less stuff, the total manufacturing line solely wishes 1-2 people and the manufacturing price is low in the later period.

Wide application, it can produce each cattle feeds and fish feeds, which is appropriate for the small scale and medium scale feeding manufacturing plant, farm animals farms and persons who increase animals.