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Sustainable planning through landscaping for pollution mitigation

As Malaysia leapfrogs into being a developed country by the year 2020, the rapid urbanisation and industrial activities are at present increasingly taking place and these may in a long run contribute to significant impact on the environment. Urbanisation although seems as an improvement and proof for an economically strong country, the price that needs to be paid often escalates than the expected to overcome the imbalance of nature. The broad intention of this research is to highlight on the landscaping elements implemented area and the total green to urban development ratio featuring the three case studies, namely Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur, Partial Territory of City Centre, Petaling Jaya and Core Island of Putrajaya, all of which are located within the Klang Valley area. Requirements for types of trees or vegetation are part of the mitigation plan and its explains the physical characteristics of the green areas.

Keywords: sustainable planning, pollution mitigation plans, landscaping elements, authority requirements, green to urban development ratio, Malaysia, sustainable development, urbanisation, sustainability

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