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Take action to stop Chinese chicken imports

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In August of 2013 the New York Times reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) gave the green light to four Chinese poultry processors to ship processed poultry to the United States.

The move was aimed to only allow the export of birds killed and slaughtered in the United States or Canada, but the move sets a dangerous precedent towards allowing the export of Chinese poultry.

In allowing the export of processed meat from China, the USDA is placing a blindfold on American consumers because Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) restrictions exempt processed meats.

This decision comes on the heel of a plethora of food safety atrocities in The People’s Republic.

Within the last few years the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found China “dog chew” poultry exports to have led to the death of over 500 pets in the United States, a criminal ring in China was found selling rat and fox meat as lamb, and the nation was forced to conduct a recall of baby formula due to high levels of mercury.

To make matters worse, unlike meat processors in the United States, these four Chinese processing plants will be exempt from further USDA inspections.

This is just one of many tactics foreign meat manufacturers are trying to use to find loopholes around COOL laws. NFU encourages you to sign this petition and urge the USDA to rethink their decision to allow chicken processed in China to be sold to American consumers.

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