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Terram Green Bund System - Robust & efficient landscaping


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Installation of new Terram Green Bund System “TGBS” for slope stability and landscape.

The project is a natural turf sports pitch in Sheffield which was to be surrounded by an environmentally and ecologically friendly 1.5m high bund.

The angle of the bund slopes is approx 45° and their stability was a concern because of the shear strength of the soil used. (A good quality granular material was too costly to use.

TGBS, which comprises a range of grades from the Terram Cellular system, was used to enhance the stability and confinement of the infill material .A low quality granular mix was chosen for its free draining yet compactable qualities The Cells were delivered to site, flat packed, on pallets and utilised immediately. The product was installed as per the architects drawing and as our installation guide suggested, which offered a rapid rate of installation.

It was apparent that the material used for filling the bunds had little shear strength; hence, confining within the cellular system was essential.

The steep 45 degree angle slope required the topsoil on the surface used for greening, to be stabilised against environmental erosive forces.

Terram EROCELL 35-10 was used on the surface of the bund, confining the topsoil, and hence providing the right conditions for eventual seeding.

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