The treatment of (fish) ponds on an environmentally friendly manner with the usage of the LG Sonic case study

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Aquaculture, or aqua farming, is the cultivation of aquatic organisms, such as fish or shrimps, in a controlled environment. Where this happens in a closed water container, algae may occur that pollute the water and may damage the organisms grown. Many of the traditional methods to fight algae are either insufficient, cumbersome, environmentally unfriendly, or all of these.

LG Sonic uses ultrasound to control algal growth efficiently without these negative side effects.

Green water algae are tiny, single celled organisms that cause the pond to resemble 'pea soup'. This is the result of a vast population of algae feeding off excess of nutrients (especially phosphorus and nitrogen) in your aquaculture container. It becomes impossible to see deeper then about 2cm from the water surface. In addition, if there is no aeration available and/or there are too much poisonous algae (cyanobacteria or blue green algae) in the water, the health of your fish or other aquatic populations will suffer. Therefore the green water algae can seriously damage the aquatic organisms by poisoning or suffocating them.

Fighting algae can be a tiring task. Draining the water container and filling it with fresh water only helps for a short period and might even cause more severe algal problems by shifting the algal population to faster growing algae. This is caused by having disturbed the previous water ecology system present. As algae multiply at very high rates your clear water can literally turn green overnight. As the algae are so small that they can pass right through a pond filter, or will be accumulating so intensively that they (especially filamentous algae) will cause blockage of your filter, additional methods are needed. Known algaecides fight algae, but will harm the fish and aquatic plants in the container. The newest ultrasound techniques provided by LG Sound will help you establish a healthier, cleaner environment in your fish pond.

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