The wonder of red wiggler worms

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Worms are going to play an ever-increasing role in waste management and soil production. Red wiggler worms convert food scraps and paper into nature's finest fertilizer. As nature's original recyclers, they consume approximately half their weight daily!

Many municipalities have introduced organic collection programs, and backyard composting is widespread. Vermicomposting is a great alternative for use in commercial and multi-residential buildings. The solution to the garbage crisis is several solutions, one of which is worm composting.

Worm composting is an excellent solution for those that do not have the space to do traditional backyard composting. As vermicomposting can be done indoors, composting continues throughout the year.

Worms turn organic material into nutrient rich castings. Worm castings are recognized as one of nature’s finest organic fertilizers. Castings (worm compost) are considered “Black Gold” among avid gardeners. Less dependence on chemical fertilizers will benefit the environment and save money too.

There are three main components to successful worm composting: temperature, air flow and moisture content. The optimum temperature is between 16-28°C (60-80°F). Worm composting is an aerobic process meaning “with oxygen”, so air holes in the worm bin are essential. Worms are approximately 90% moisture so they require a fairly moist environment. The bedding should be the consistency of a wrung out sponge.

Worm composting is an excellent way to get children interested in the environment. Worms are working pets that can help your children understand nature. They see worms magically convert organics into soil. Why not employ these wonderful workers willing to work for food scraps?

Worms in the classroom offer a tremendous learning opportunity. Children learn about worm habitat, worm biology and worm composting from set up to harvest. Worm composting offers a cross-curricular learning opportunity.

The more people that are exposed to the idea of vermicomposting and composting, the better off society, civilization and the earth will be. It is our belief that vermicomposting will help solve part of the current garbage crisis. Schools, daycares, retirement homes and everyone everywhere can take up this easy, low-cost method of waste management.

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