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Things Should be Noticed during Operating Rice Transplanter


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Start the engine in the following orders: check whether there is full of oil in the engine; open the oil circuit and then open the throttle; check the whether the clutch is separate and the gear shift level is in the neutral position; start the engine.

Before planting the rice seedlings, a test should be made to check whether the machine can transplanter the rice according to the rice transplanting techniques.

Leave enough working space for the transplanter to avoid the collision of the paddy transplanter and the ridge of the paddy field.

Supply the seedlings in the seedling box timely and do not transplanter the seedlings when the machine is across the ridge of the field.

  • Clean the sundries in the transplanter timely.
  • Don’t touch any rotating part during rice planting.
  • Stop the machine if it is abnormal during operation and find out the problems and adjust it.
  • If the paddy transplanter machine is stuck in the paddy field, do not pull out the machine by force.

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