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Using Technology for Complete Farm Management - Case Study


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This case is about one of the world’s largest producers of potato specialties company based in India. The company leases plots for farming and has 2500+ plots spread across an area of 5200 +acres. Earlier, they used to record farm data manually, thus creating multiple inconsistent entries. A check on practices such as dehaulming & rouging, adoption of right package of practices & the right inputs and visibility of field activities were serious challenges faced by the company. The company was on the lookout for a complete farm management solution to resolve its various issues.


  • 2500+ Plots audited and geo tagged to find the actual plot area
  • Remote Sensing and Weather Advisory helped in detection of dew point, rainfall, frost, blight and other challenges related to dehaulming
  • Gathering Complete information from farmer registration till harvest end
  • Scheduling and monitoring farm activities for complete traceability
  • Educating farmers on adoption of right package of practices and inputs
  • Monitoring Crop health and harvest estimation
  • Alert(pest, diseases etc.) resolution & quick advisory


  • Timely Dehaulming in 91.2 % of the plots
  • All the plots were audited and geo-tagged;73 % of the plots were within the range of -15% to +15% area deviation
  • Comprehensive set of Package of Practices defined and scheduled
  • Complete traceability across farm operations achieved
  • Alerts (pest, diseases etc.) were resolved within a quick turnaround time
  • The management today has an overview of all field activities on the interactive dashboard, is able to manage & monitor farming operations and get early estimation of the yield farmer & Plot wise.
  • Weekly weather forecast helps take early and timely decision and strip tests help make harvest prediction.

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