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Vermicompost production and its use for crop production in the Philippines

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Vermicompost was produced with Perionyx excavatus and Eudrilus eugeniae using animal manures, leguminous leaves, grass and agro-forestry wastes. Yields of corn fertilised with vermicompost at 5t/ha and rice at 2t/ha of vermicompost were comparable with those for corn fertilised with 100% chemical fertilisers and 40% increase over the control for rice. Chinese cabbage and eggplant fertilised with vermicompost only and in combination with chemical fertilisers had significantly higher yields than those fertilised with chemical fertilisers only. Rice yield was significantly greater with 5t/ha of vermicompost and 50% of chemical fertilisers than with chemicals only.

Keywords: vermiculture, agro-forestry waste, crop production, Philippines, organic fertiliser, plant production, vermicompost, earthworms, vermicomposting, Perionyx excavatus, Eudrilus eugeniae, animal manure, leguminous leaves, grass, rice yield, corn yield, chemical fertilisers, Chinese cabbage yield, eggplant yield

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