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WasteWastewater pre-treatment in a milk-processing company


Description of the plant

The wastewater from the production is buffered in a pump sump which is designed to buffer peaks of flow and load. The pump sump also works as a fat trap. From this stage, the water is lifted to the biological reactor where organic substances which are mainly milk sugar and other organic compounds are decreased by microbiological actifity.

The installed high effective aeration system is designed for optimal transfer of required oxygen which is required for the microorganisms to decrease the organic load. After adding a small amount of chemicals to the effluent a separation of sludge is effected by a dissolved air flotation.

Excess sludge is stored in a small sludge storage tank and discharge in regular terms to a biogas plant which is nearby. The pre-treated water is given to the municipal sewer nett

Design Data

Waste water: 250m3/h
COD in: 465 kg/d
COD out: < 800 mg/l
Initial start-up: 2002

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