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WaStop chosen to protect Forest View residents and property from flooding - Case Study


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Location: Forest View

Customer: The Village of Forest View


Originally Forest View had a combined sewer and stormwater system. As the area became popular development occurred which lead to more hard surface areas, which lead to higher runoff during rainy periods. This became such a problem that, in the 1960’s the sewer and stormwater system was split to ensure that high rainfall events didn’t overload the sewer system causing backflow into residential properties. The two split systems joined again just before the treatment plant. The construction of a dedicated stormwater outfall allowed a complete split of the two systems with separate storm and sanitary sewers.

Despite the split systems the area of Wenonah Avenue still suffered from flooding in the lower areas during high rainfall events. This was caused by under dimensioned storm sewers. Several options were available for solving the issue. Two solutions were seen as being effective in stopping the flooding, without causing issues to other nearby areas. One of these solutions would be to lay large pipes in order to store the water until the rainfall subsided and the system could drain. The negative side of this solution was the cost and the intrusive nature of the work. To thoroughly assess this potential solution a study was made of the soil in the designated area however it was deemed that the soil was not appropriate for this type of work so another solution was investigated.

Brad Clark, a Principal at Hancock Engineering, came in contact with WaStop inline check valves through a presentation given by Eric Johansson. He could instantly see the reliability of the cone shaped membrane and felt that would be less prone to clogging than other check valves. He could also appreciate the low headloss and pulsating flow which would mean his pipes would empty quickly and debris would be kept away from the outlet.

Solution: 12 WaStop Inline Check Valves in stainless steel sized between NPS 8″ – 12″ (DN200-300)

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