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Advances in Poultry Welfare


Advances in Poultry Welfare fully explores developments in the key areas of poultry welfare assessment and improvement. The book analyzes current topical issues, while also reviewing historical welfare issues. Divided into six sections, the book opens with an introduction to poultry welfare research. Part Two moves on to review poultry management, from rearing to slaughter. Part Three looks at welfare assessment on the farm, while Part Four explores the challenges in poultry welfare, such as skeletal problems and cannibalism. Part Five details emerging issues in the field, with chapters in this section covering organic poultry production and climate change.

Authors / Editors:

The final section entails a summary section provided by the editor. With its distinguished team of contributors, the book is set to be a standard reference for welfare research scientists and students, practicing vets involved in welfare assessment, and indeed anyone with a professional interest in the welfare of poultry. 

Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction
1. Poultry welfare research – A history of key advances
2. General overview of commercial poultry production and production systems worldwide (ducks, chickens, turkeys) and their main welfare challenges

Part Two: Management: Hatch to slaughter
3. How conditions at the hatchery affect welfare
4. Rearing young birds for adaptability
5. Building a better mousetrap: integrating engineering, behaviour and health to improve poultry welfare
6. Slaughter

Part Three: Welfare assessment on the farm
7. Focusing on the group - how good are our current tools for assessing positive and negative welfare?
8. Focusing on the individual

Part Four: Continuing challenges
9. Skeletal problems
10. Feather pecking and cannibalism: can we really stop beak trimming?
11. Laying hen housing systems – welfare benefits, disadvantages, and unknowns
12. Stocking density – how do we judge how much space poultry need?
13. Welfare issues in duck and turkey production

Part Five: Emerging issues
14. Welfare issues affecting organic (and antibiotic free) poultry production
15. Poultry production in the backyard and on a small scale
16. Mass depopulation (of spent hens and after disease outbreaks)
17. Climate change – effects on global poultry production & welfare and possible approaches

Key Features
  • Provides in-depth reviews of emerging topics, research and applications in poultry welfare
  • Integral part of a wider series,Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare, which will provide comprehensive coverage of animal welfare of the world’s major farmed animals
  • Covers a range of topical issues within the field, from beak-trimming and skeletal problems, to early rearing and the design and management of poultry production systems
  • Edited by a distinguished leader in the field

Animal Welfare research scientists, as well as postgraduate students, Animal production researcher scientists, Practising vets involved in welfare assessment, NGOs interested in welfare

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