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Biology of Adventitious Root Formation

Special Lecture: The Origin, Diversity, and Biology of Shoot-Borne Roots; P.W. Barlow. The Commercial Importance of Adventitious Rooting: Commercial Application of Adventitious Rooting to Forestry; G.A. Ritchie. Infrastructure for Research: Model Systems for Studying Adventitious Root Formation; S.G. Ernst. Setting the Stage for Rooting: Novel Experimental Systems for Determining Cellular Competence and Determination; D. Mohnen. Induction of Rooting: Auxin Metabolism and Adventitious Root Initiation; D. Blakesley. Root Development and Plant Growth: Modeling Root System Morphology in Rice; S. Morita, J. Abe. Special Chapter: A Historical Evaluation of Adventitious Rooting Research to 1993; B.E. Haissig, T.D. Davis. Epilogue: Research on Adventitious Rooting; W.P. Hackett, J.R. Murray. 12 additional articles. Index.
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