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Boron in Soils and Plants: Reviews

Boron in Soils and Plants: Reviews is the most up-to-date and comprehensive review of our knowledge of boron in soils, plants and animals. This volume coincides with a period of significant progress in boron research. It covers recent advances in the identification of the physical and chemical role of B in the cell wall, the characterisation of the genetic basis for differences in B accumulation and tolerance to B excesses and deficiencies, and the identification and characterisation of the mechanisations of phloem B transport. Each of these advances has contributed not only to our understanding of the fundamental behaviour of B in plants, but also has a direct impact on B management in agricultural systems. There are thirteen review papers written by leading international scientists. The book will be essential reading for scientists and advisers responsible for ensuring that plant growth is not limited by boron deficiency or toxicity. It will be a reference book for students in agriculture, forestry, soil sciences and animal and human health.
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