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Cereals and Pseudocereals

The world continues to depend heavily upon a relatively small range of crops for food, fuel, fibre and industrial use, while many potentially good, economically acceptable alternatives exist. This book, which is the second in a series looking at underutilized crops, provides thorough details of those underutilized cereals and pseudocereals which are currently benefiting from research and others which have been neglected and deserve more research attention. Cereals and Pseudocereals considers in detail the potential for the following crops: quinoa, buckwheat, grain amaranth, triticale, fonio, intermediate wheatgrass and wild rice. Under the guidance of the International Centre for Underutilized Crops, the contents of this book have been drawn together by Professor Williams, who has wide research experience in the exploitation of new crops. The contents of this book will be of great interest and use to a wide range of people involved in work on the greater exploitation of currently underutilized crops, including upper level students in agricultural, plant and food sciences, researchers in development agencies and scientists working directly on improvement and exploitation of this group of crops.
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