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Diversity and Integration in Mycorrhizas

This book is highly recommended on the basis of the following points: - The editors are highly regarded in the field of mycorrhizal biology and one is co-author of the most comprehensive textbook on mycorrhizas; - Chapters by international experts based on invited presentations at the 3rd International Conference on Mycorrhizas, supplemented by invited chapters on special topics; - Mycorrhizas are being increasingly recognised as ubiquitous plant/fungal symbioses, with the potential to influence the function and ecology of around 90% of all land plants; perhaps the most common and also ancient terrestrial symbioses in existence; - This book has a broad coverage of biology of symbioses between mycorrhizal fungi and plants, especially ecto- and arbuscular mycorrhizas (other recent texts have focused mainly on arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses); - Forward-looking review chapters by keynote speakers including an overview of research challenges for the future; - Up-to-date research focus; - Coverage includes: molecular diversity and detection of mycorrhizal fungi; cellular and molecular interactions between the symbionts; physiology of the interactions; implications of the symbioses for ecosystem processes, including agriculture; - Several complementary chapters on some topics, ensuring that different perspectives are presented (recent edited volumes have had a smaller group of authors and hence narrower focus); - Readership from advanced undergraduate students in biology (particularly plant science), postgraduate students and researchers in universities and government agencies.
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