Ecology of Coccinellidae

The book is the only scientific monograph dealing with coccinellids (i.e. ladybirds), a group of beetles which are beneficial predators of aphids, scale insects and mites, and are also one of the most popular insects. This volume is an updated and modified version of Biology of Coccinellidae (1973) 250 pp. Due to a vast increase in information, the book has become more voluminous (xvi + 464 pp. comprising 133 tables, 95 figures, 11 plates, 1692 references). While the information goes into enough detail for a researcher or university teacher, the book should also be easily readable for the naturalist who is interested in the background behind the observed phenomena. Extension agriculture specialists will find a friendly guide to the use of coccinellids in integrated pest management and biological control. The authors hope that the volume will thus help to make our environment safer both for humans and animals.
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