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Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives X

This is the 10th volume in a series which was initiated in 1977. Like previous volumes, it contains scientific peer reviewed reviews on topics dealing with orchids. These topics include 1) a history of orchid breeders in Singapore, 2) discussion of research on pollen effects on orchid flowers carried out a century ago by the German plant physiologist Hans Fitting in Bogor, Indonesia which led to the first suggestion that plants produce hormones, 3) consideration whether orchids are mentioned in the Bible, 4) review of food hairs in orchids, 5) outline of pollen dispersal units in orchids, 6) survey of orchids in art, 7) a tracing of the history of Vanilla pollination, 8) a chapter on viruses which attack orchids and 9) an appendix which lists a very large number of orchid books. All the volumes in this series will appeal to those who are interested in orchids and plant scientists in general.
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