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Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: 23rd Volume


Twenty-two peer-review papers give you a broad view of where the pesticide industry may be headed. The recent loss of patent protection for many pesticides has created new opportunities for agricultural chemical manufacturers. Spray adjuvant and inert producers must be more creative in the products they offer; and biotechnology and consolidation are putting pressure on all sectors of the industry. All of these changes have forced formulators to better focus their efforts to offer economic benefits to the end users of their products.

Topics cover:

FORMULATION INGREDIENTS showcases new adjuvant formulations and new inert chemistries. Inert suppliers and researchers presented papers introducing novel formulation tools as well as innovative uses for old inert chemistries.

FORMULATION of PESTICIDES for ENHANCED BIOLOGICAL EFFICACY examines new techniques for adding value and improving performance of products.

APPLICATION and DELIVERY SYSTEMS investigates new, more precise delivery techniques to reduce input costs for growers. This section features both equipment and additive technologies intended to reduce off-target spray drift and enhance deposition of applied sprays.

REGULATORY and ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS discusses regulatory and environmental issues, with particular attention to agrochemical and adjuvant formulation.

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