Plant Nutrition of Greenhouse Crops

Plant nutrition in greenhouse cultivation differs in many essential aspects from field crops and justified the development of a special publication on this subject. The high productions realised and the specific produce quality requirements ensure high uptakes of nutrients and a careful tuning of the application. The covering with glass or plastic is responsible for specific climatic conditions, which in modern greenhouse can be fully adjusted to the requirements of the crop by automatic climate control. The natural precipitation is excluded, thus, the water has to be applied in greenhouses by artificial irrigation of water from different origin. On thing and another involves that the growing conditions are more or less completely controlled. This especially holds when the crops are grown in substrates.The high uptake of minerals in greenhouses requires high fertilizer additions. The quantities absorbed by many crops are that high, that it is impossible to supply the required quantities of nutrients as a base dressing at once. Therefore, top dressings are common practice and are carried out together with the supply of the irrigation water. Therefore, fertigation is common practice and in greenhouses already for many years. Specific systems have been developed for the application of the right concentrations to keep the level of nutrients in the root environment on the optimum level for the performance of the crop.Beside the management of the nutrient application, greenhouse growers also need a close control on the salt accumulation. This accumulation is closely connected with the quality of the irrigation water. Moreover, also the addition of the fertilizers plays a role in the salt accumulation in the root environment. Therefore, choice of the fertilizers used is important to prevent accumulations of residual salts possibly supplied with the fertilizers. On the other hand, for a number of crops the level of fertilizer supply is not only focussed on the nutrient...
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