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ASTM International

Reports on the Compostability Testing of Degradable Polymeric Materials


Published by the ASTM Institute for Standards Research (ISR)

The ISR Degradable Polymeric Materials Research Program has validated test methods that can be used to assure degradable polymeric materials in order to scientifically support environmental claims. These new reports will give you:

• reference data for a set of polymeric materials that can be used to compare the performance of newly developed materials;

• benchmark data for establishing material compostability claims;

• and assessment of the effectiveness of various test methods in predicting the real world behavior of degradable polymers.

Final Program Report -- Contains the background, history of the program and the integrated results of more than 16 studies that were evaluated as discussed in the ISR Standard Test Guide for Assessing the Compostability of Degradable Polymeric Materials (guide included). Correlations between the laboratory, pilot and full scale test results are reported and valid industry recommendations regarding the compostability testing of environmentally degradable polymers are contained in the program's conclusions.

Price (North America): $175
Price (Elsewhere): $193

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