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Sustainable Micro Irrigation Management for Trees and Vines


This valuable book, the third volume in the Research Advances in Sustainable Micro Irrigation series, focuses on sustainable micro irrigation management for trees and vines. It covers the principles as well as recent advances and applications of micro irrigation techniques.

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Aug. 2014


• Offers basic principles, knowledge, and techniques of micro irrigation management written by experienced scientists from various parts of the world

• Includes coverage of many important topics in the field, including:an historical review of micro irrigation, the current global status of the field and its potential, and basic principles and applications, among others

• Contains information for those interested in irrigation planning and management, namely, researchers, scientists, educators, and students

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gajendra Singh

Foreword by Miguel Muñoz Muñoz

Foreword by Marvin J Jensen


Part I – Status and Potential of Micro Irrigation

Pressurized Irrigation Technology: Global Scenario;S. A. Kulkarni, F. B. Reinders, and F. Ligetvari

Micro Irrigation Technology: Global Scenario;Felix B. Reinders

Affordable Micro irrigation for Small Farms;Jack Keller and Andrew A. Keller

Micro Irrigation Potential in the Developing Countries;Tushaar Shah and Jack Keller

Low-Cost Micro-Irrigation in Kenya;Jack Keller

Micro Irrigation Potential in India;R. K. Sivanappan

Advanced Technologies for Sugarcane Cultivation under Micro Irrigation: Tamil Nadu;R. K. Sivanappan

Design and Management of Irrigation Systems: Chile;Eduardo A. Holzapfel, Alejandro Pannunzio, Ignacio Lorite, Aureo S. Silva de Oliveira, and István Farkas

Subsurface Micro Irrigation: Review;Leonor Rodríguez-Sinobas and María Gil-Rodríguez

Part II – Principles of Micro Irrigation

Modernization of Floating Pumping Station for Irrigation;Rares Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir and Alina Gabor

Principles of Micro Irrigation;Megh R. Goyal

Chemigation;Megh R. Goyal

Fertigation: Venturi Injection Method;Mukesh Kumar, T. B.S . Rajput, and Neelam Patel

Chemigation Uniformity in Micro Irrigation System;Larry Schwankl

Micro Irrigation: Filtration Systems;Megh R. Goyal

Micro Irrigation Design using Hydrocalc Software;Rares Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir and Emanuel Hategan




Editor Bio(s)

Dr. Megh R. Goyal received BSc degree in engineering in 1971, MSc degree in 1977, PhD degree in 1979, and Master of Divinity degree in 2001. He spent a one-year sabbatical leave in 2002–03 at the Biomedical Engineering Department of Florida International University, Miami, USA. Since 1971, he has worked as lecturer/research assistant at Haryana Agricultural University and The Ohio State University, and professor – cum research agricultural engineer at Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez campus. At present, he is a retired professor in agricultural and biomedical engineering in the College of Engineering at University of Puerto Rico. He is also senior acquisitions editor for Apple Academic Press, Inc., in the areas of agricultural science and biomedical engineering, as well as senior editor-in-chief of the book series Advances in Bioengineering Research and Applications, published by AAP. He has authored more than 200 articles in technical journals and textbooks, includingElements of Agroclimatology(Spanish) by UNISARC; Colombia, twoBibliographies on Drip Irrigation; the booksBiofluid Dynamics of Human Body, Management of Drip/Trickle or Micro Irrigation, Evapotranspiration: Principles and Applications for Water Management,andBiomechanics of Artificial Organs and Prostheses;as well as the three-volume series on Research Advances on Sustainable Micro Irrigation.

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