The Supporting Roots of Trees and Woody Plants Form, Function and Physiology

This book is devoted to the structural roots of woody plants, with a particular emphasis on the anchorage, form and development of tree root systems. For the first time, a large number of papers on the architecture and biomechanics of structural root systems are presented together with discussions on consequences for tree stability in both forest and urban environments. The development of root systems using different planting techniques is assessed, with recommendations for the selection and breeding of forest trees. Root response to environmental stresses is discussed, with several chapters also focusing on the structure and role of fine roots and their interaction with the rhizosphere. New methods for studying roots are presented, along with modelling techniques and state-of-the-art software. Aimed at biologists, foresters and arboriculturalists, this book will provide the reader with an overview of current knowledge in all fields of structural root research, as well as presenting recent findings and new methods for studying woody roots.
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