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Water Use in Crop Production

Water Use in Crop Production explores innovative methods that determine how much water certain crops need, in certain climates, in order to ensure adequate plant growth and help eliminate water waste. Through this informative book, agronomists, growers, researchers, and graduate students will find methods and techniques for effective water management that will save money and conserve water. Water Use in Crop Production will enable you enhance crop quality and quantity and save one of the earth's most important resource.

Comprehensive and thorough, this essential book combines two vital needs, food and water, and examines what must be done in order to keep up with the ever-growing human population. Explaining conservation techniques used in Argentina, Australia, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, the Philippines, Spain, and the United States, Water Use in Crop Production will help you achieve this goal as it discusses water management measures including:
  • avoiding excessive deep percolation
  • reducing runoff
  • lessening water evaporation through methods such as reducing the capillary water flow to the surface of the soil 
  • determining the rates at which water is demanded and can be supplied in a specific area to create a plan for limiting water loss
  • studying the root structure of plants to calculate how much water they need
  • using deficit irrigation to help plants save water for future use
  • evaluating citrus water use through the Penman-Monteith model

Containing charts, tables, and examples of the concepts it discusses, this book is the culmination of the latest studies on water storage. Water Use in Crop Production provides you with reliable strategies and methods that will help you lessen water expenditures and improve the vitality of crops anywhere in the world.
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Apr. 2000

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