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  • Feed Formulation

    Today Allix² is the feed formulation software including the most advanced features available on this niche market without any compromise when it comes to ergonomy and confort. The available features combined with the modularity of the software allows to package solutions meeting the expectations of a wide diversity of users working in the animal nutrition industry such as : Feed producers, petfood producers, aquaculture producers and consultants, premix producers, enzyme producers and d

  • Version ALLIX² J1 - Feed Formulation Software

    Version ALLIX² J1 - Feed Formulation Software

    A multi customers data management suitable for consultants and ground nutritionists. The feed formulation software Allix² J1 allows to manage data required for the formulation (nutrients, ingredients, pricelists, formulas, species, customers...) without any limit regarding the number of data. The optimisation provides a comprehensive sensitivity analysis : restrictions costs, shadow prices, etc...

  • Multi Formulation Software

    Multi Formulation Software

    The multi formulation allows you to optimise the whole production. It provides you a clear and comprehensive view of all the raw material purchases. It also gives you the possibility to adapt the formulas to your stocks finding the cheapest raw material allocation. Numerous simulations become feasable specially using the multi-parametrics. This powerful tool enables to make variations on a set of parameters applied on the formulation problem (prices,...

  • Version ALLIX² S1 - Feed Formulation Software

    Version ALLIX² S1 - Feed Formulation Software

    This package includes a broad range of features making easier the management of your data. Modifying specifications of all your formulas in a click, studying the interest of an opportunity ingredient on a group of formulas, access a broad range of reports… In addition of the daily operations (single mix, label generation, communication with the mill…) this formulation package is a precious tool for ingredient purchasers. Are you managing...

  • Ration Balancer

    Ruminix is a powerful tool to balance rations and calculate on demand feeds. All species can be included in the Ruminix models : dairy, goat, sheep...  In addition to feed producers Ruminix can also be used by mineral producers. Using the customized reports you will promote your technical know-how to your customers !

  • Ruminix - Ration Balancer Software

    Ruminix - Ration Balancer Software

    Ruminix is a ruminant ration balancing software dedicated to feed manufacturers enhancing the customers forrages and balance the feed with the required concentrates. All the settings can be done by the dairy product manager and used by the sales team.

  • Quality/Security

    KAllix is a must-have quality control software complementing Allix (Feed Formulation Software)! The centralization of ingredient and product analysis is required to make a rigorous quality control. KAllix not only makes this job but it is also ideal to check your raw material providers, your purchase contracts, and manage your quality control... Moreover making the link between KAllix and Allix's raw material matrix make you save money. The matrix used in Allix can be adjusted to reflect the

  • Securix - Security Data Sheet Calculation and Management Software

    Securix - Security Data Sheet Calculation and Management Software

    Premixers have the legal obligation to provide security data sheet to their customers. The information available is calculated from the composition of the products which are delivered to the final user. A strong link between premix calculation ( achieved with Allix²) and Securix makes the premixer sure that the calculation is made with the right data. All the seucrity data are calculated and printed out on standard documents. These security data...