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  • Accelerated Heat Nutrition

    Accelerated Heat Nutrition

    Designed to enhance reproductive performance in dairy and beef cattle including embryo transfer donors and recipients. Contains 100% chelated trace minerals for increased bioavailability, high levels of beta-Carotene and Vitamins A, B12, D, E, and K. Crumble form makes it ideal for top dress feeding. Each 30 lb. pail contains 120 to 240 feedings depending on intended animal (i.e. dairy cow, beef cow, ET donor, ET recipient).

  • SOP - Model Gold Cow Series - Bio-Hygienization

    SOP - Model Gold Cow Series - Bio-Hygienization

    SOP GOLD COW brings added convenience to the control of environmental pathogens and reduction of somatic cell count in mature cows. This product is placed directly in the mixing wagon (7oz/100 head/day); it arrives in the barn environment by passing through the animal (without affecting the digestion process and the nutritional value of the daily ration) and acts as a bio-hygienizer. SOP Gold Cow works to discourage the growth of pathogens,...

  • Milk Replacer

    Milk Replacer

    Accelerated Genetics combines specialized ingredients, state-of-the art manufacturing and professional technical support with one goal in mind –     to get the optimum performance from your calves. Accelerated Genetics milk replacers are made with premium ingredients to ensure a consistently high quality product to support optimal calf growth.

  • BoviKalc - Calcium Supplement

    BoviKalc - Calcium Supplement

    Bovikalc is an oral calcium supplement containing two calcium sources. Calcium chloride is available rapidly, while calcium sulfate provides sustained release of calcium during the period after calving, when fresh cows need it most. Bovikalc is easy to administer, thanks to a specially designed oral bolus with a unique coating, making the process safe, fast and convenient. Give one bolus prior to or immediately...

  • Accel Ensile

    Accel Ensile

    Accel Ensile forage inoculants contain multiple strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria, which act as an aid in the fermentation process and preservation of forages. Our patented process of stabilization and packaging ensures that all Accel Ensile inoculants contain live and viable bacteria specifically selected for the crop being ensiled.

Products by Hampel Corporation

  • Indoor Calf Pen

  • Calf-Tel  - Pen

    Calf-Tel - Pen

    Calf-Tel introduced the first free-standing, completely modular, indoor pen system of its kind. While other systems may look similar, the Calf-Tel pen system provides calf raisers with the most versatile, highest labor savings, calf and calf manager friendly indoor pen system available. Calf-Tel Pens are backed by the longest track record of success on the market.

  • Calf-Tel  - Maternity Pen

    Calf-Tel - Maternity Pen

    Calf-Tel‘s free-standing, modular, indoor pen system now has a 4‘5” long Maternity Pen option. Calf-Tel‘s smaller size Maternity Pen provides added flexibility for short-term calf housing. The Maternity Pen takes up less space than full size pens making it a space and cost saving solution for your maternity housing needs. Calf-Tel pens are backed by the longest track record of success on the market.

  • Calf Hutch

  • Compact - Calf Hutch

    Compact - Calf Hutch

    The Calf-Tel Compact is the most efficient solution for smaller sized calves or shorter-term calf housing needs. The Calf-Tel Compact is easy to clean, store and transport. When space is a concern, the Calf-Tel Compact’s reduced footprint increases the number of hutches you can use in a given area. The standard, one-of-a-kind, fully adjustable rear door is ideal for ease of bedding and increased ventilation.

  • Calf-Tel - Model ECO - Mid-Size Calf Hutch

    Calf-Tel - Model ECO - Mid-Size Calf Hutch

    Calf-Tel’s ECO is a mid-size hutch that provides a smaller, space saving solution for dairymen. The ECO hutch is 22 % smaller than the Pro and Deluxe models, allowing dairymen to take advantage of the reduced foot print and the economies of scale the ECO hutch provides.

  • Model Pro II - Standard Size Calf Hutch

    Model Pro II - Standard Size Calf Hutch

    The all-new Pro II with a one-of-a-kind, fully adjustable rear ventilation and bedding door. Designed for maximum labor efficiency, the Calf-Tel Pro II is used by some of world’s largest calf ranches and dairy producers. With its crucial labor saving features, the Calf-Tel Pro II provides a highly cost-effective solution for your calf operation.

  • Deluxe - Model II  - Standard Size Calf Hutch

    Deluxe - Model II - Standard Size Calf Hutch

    The all-new Deluxe II with a one-of-a-kind, fully adjustable rear ventilation and bedding door.When inside feeding is preferred, the Deluxe II is the solution. The Calf-Tel Deluxe II system has all the same features and benefits as the Calf-Tel Pro II, but also comes equipped with an indoor feed system designed to protect the feed from the elements and provide added flexibility to the producers.

  • Calf-Tel - Model XXL - Largest Calf Hutch

    Calf-Tel - Model XXL - Largest Calf Hutch

    The Calf-Tel XXL provides the most interior usable space for your calves. The XXL is 42% larger than our existing Pro & Deluxe II hutches and 29% larger than other XL hutches on the market. When a larger size hutch is preferred due to climate or management practice, the XXL is the right choice.

  • Premium  - Fance Calf Hutch

    Premium - Fance Calf Hutch

    The new Calf-Tel Premium Fance includes a multitude of features and benefits not available on the standard panel fence systems, making it the premium fence model available. These new features are designed to provide an extremely efficient fence system that will significantly decrease labor and increase the opportunity for improved calf care.

  • Group Housing

  • MultiMax  - Calf Raising System

    MultiMax - Calf Raising System

    The MultiMax Group Calf Raising System helps calves transition from individual systems to a manageable group environment. When calves raised individually are placed in large groups, the stress from competition and social pressure can lead to setbacks in growth and health. Placing 4 to 6 similarly sized weaned calves in a MultiMax is the best way to ease the transition. Continued growth and health will be attained as animals bond...