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  • Garden Watering

    If an Englishman’s home is his castle, his garden is the jewel in his crown. With gardens providing an important social space, it makes sense to ensure that they are looking their best whatever the weather.  Many garden watering systems, however, are put together with only a little experience and a lot of hope. However, with 50 years experience in the UK irrigation industry, Access have the expertise t

  • Lawn Watering Services

    Lawn Watering Services

    A neatly trimmed, lush green lawn provides a canvas around which the textures and colours of the border planting are displayed. For effective lawn irrigation you need quality gear-driven pop-up sprinklers which are installed in the lawn using underground pipework, making the system invisible when not in use. The sprinkler rises out of the ground when watering commences, and covers the area in rain-like droplets. Once watering is finished, the...

  • Commercial Landscape

    Architects and Landscape Professionals understand the importance of investing in high quality solutions for prestigious commercial landscape irrigation projects. Access Irrigation provide a professional approach to the task of sustaining planting in many varied urban environments, allowing plants to thrive while keeping costs to a minimum. Access Irrigation have been providing 

  • Corporate HQ Irrigation Services

    Corporate HQ Irrigation Services

    Corporate HQ projects the image of a company, so lawns that are green and borders that are lush will help convey a positive image to visitors and members of staff alike.

  • Horticultural Irrigation

    Labour costs continue to rise and watering by hand is very time consuming. By investing in an automatic watering system, costs are reduced and plants benefit from regular, even watering. A horticultural irrigation system can also allow other water sources such as bore-holes, wells and rain water harvesting to be utilised. With over 50 years experience in horticultural irrigation, Access provide advice and information as to the best methods of irrigating, as well as fully costed designs and d

  • Sports Irrigation

    Many hours are spent ensuring that recreational sports pitches are maintained to the highest standards, but their large areas make it impossible to keep them watered without an irrigation system of some kind. Access Irrigation provide a range of solutions from hand moved sprinkler sets through to fully automated sports irrigation systems. Pumps and water storage tanks can also be provided to ensure an adequate water flow and pressure. A fully automated sports

  • Football Pitch Watering Services

    Football Pitch Watering Services

    With prolonged periods of dry weather, football pitches can become increasingly difficult to play on. In addition, summer seeding or turfing means regular watering is needed to ensure successful establishment of the grass. Depending on your budget Access Irrigation offer different football pitch irrigation options: travelling sprinklers, which water the football pitch in one or two passes, or temporary watering systems where risers are moved along the...

  • Green Irrigation

    Both plants and water are precious resources that need to be used wisely when helping produce a more sustainable future. For plants, water is essential to life, and it is vital to consider how the plants will be watered during the lifetime of the building. The un-natural environment they are placed in means that some sort of green irrigation system is essential for even the hardiest of plants.

  • Extensive Green Roof Irrigation Services

    Extensive Green Roof Irrigation Services

    Green roof systems provide many benefits, but with their exposed position and shallow root zones, it is vital that they are well irrigated. Access have been supplying green roof irrigation solutions for over 20 years, and have considerable expertise in the design and supply of extensive green roof watering systems.

  • Irrigation for Agriculture

    Agriculture and farming are vital to the nation’s economy, and efficient water management is a vital part of farming. With 50 years experience, Access Irrigation provide water management and irrigation for agriculture, ranging from water for crops to systems for odour management. For animal health Access provide solutions for animal cooling and drinking water supplies; and for field crops Access provide a range of highly efficient field drip irrigation systems.

  • Pig Cooling Services

    Pig Cooling Services

    Animal cooling systems are economical to install, reduce heat stress and increase animal appetite and activity. Temperatures above 30oC (86oF) can reduce pig fertility, appetite and feed utilization efficiency, as well as causing the animals’ stress levels to increase. Installing a pig cooling system is a low cost method of reducing temperatures.