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  • ACTIVO - Agricultura Seats

    ACTIVO - Agricultura Seats

    Application: Agricultural and Earth Moving Machines.Suspension type: MOL250.Suspension stroke: 100 mm.Continuous adjustment of driver's weight: 50 - 120 kg.Continuous height adjustment: 60 mm.Fore and aft adjustment: 150 mm.Backrest angle adjustment: 0° - 15°.Safety belt attachment complying to ISO3776 and ISO6683.Meets flammability standards FMVSS302 and ISO3795

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  • Electric pumps

    Electric pumps

    Tipo/Type Monofase/ Single-phase  230V- 50Hz.Potenza nominale/ Nominal Power P2 HP Kw.Ampere Monofase/ Single-phase 1x230V

  • Compressors

  • Model 84683 - Manually Hose-Reel

    Model 84683 - Manually Hose-Reel

    Permette all’operatore di lavorare a una distanza max di 120mt dal compressore. Ideale per 120mt tubo 6x8 o 80mt 8x10 /The operator can work at a maximum distance of 120mt from the air compressor. Ideal for 120mt of 6x8 hose or for 80mt of 8x10 hose.Dimensioni/dimension 380x380x480.Attacco/fitting 1/4'

  • Wood Cutting Machines