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  • Seeding Machines

  • Model GOLD GS/GC - Pneumatic Drills

    Model GOLD GS/GC - Pneumatic Drills

    The ACMA models pneumatic drills open new horizons for the sowing of cereals and fodder in general. The operation of a single general air-jet distributor allows for the uniform distribution of a large and small seeds both on level and sloping ground. The metal hopper, with a capacity of 750 litres, ensures long autonomy, it cam be rapidly and completely emptied thanks to a door at the bottom. The dispensing roller is able to capture even the smallest...

  • Model Omnia Series - Seeding Machines with 3 Mechanically Rows

    Model Omnia Series - Seeding Machines with 3 Mechanically Rows

    Suitable to sow any type of cereals ( wheat, barley, repeseed, soy, lucerne, and other fodder plants. It has a very large box equipped with a variator in oil bath, guaranteeing excellent sowing accuracy. Its sturdy frame is composed of flexible-spring listers installed on three independently adjustable rows. Thanks to these feature, The OMNIA seeder is suitable for any type of soil. TYPE OF CULTERS: IRON BOOT


  • Model G8/G9/G11 - Raking System

    Model G8/G9/G11 - Raking System

    The range of machines ACMA for hay harvest includes the windrowing machines G8, G9 and G11, which are very strong, precise, versatile and easy to use, guaranteeing a perfect result in treating fodder.