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  • System Assessment Services

    System Assessment Services

    A comprehensive UVM program contains many variables – types of vegetation, numbers of line miles, capacity and appropriate circuit clearances, contracting strategies, appropriate budgeting levels, cycle lengths, etc. – and it may be difficult or even impossible for you to evaluate and understand them without assistance. You aren’t alone. While you know that they all work together to boost or hamper the effectiveness of your program, it is difficult for...

  • Customer Relations Services

    Customer Relations Services

    Wherever power lines and customer property intersect, you often have an inherent conflict of interest – potential customer relation problems like refusals. Improper communications can damage your image and create a customer relations nightmare. ACRT can help you avoid potential UVM delays and maintain positive relations with your customers. In the field, Customer Relations activties are cunducted by our arborists, often simultaneously with...

  • Total Management Services

    Total Management Services

    A complete and multi-faceted UVM program can be a massive undertaking. For many utilities, especially smaller cooperatives and municipal power companies, it is a daunting task - but still something that cannot be neglected. ACRT has over 2,700 years of combined utility experience on more than 750,000 miles of transmission and distribution rights-of-way across the nation. We can develop and put into action a complete UVM program for you and manage it on a...