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  • Agil - Herbicide

    Agil - Herbicide

    AGIL is a herbicide of the aryloxyphenoxy propionates family. It is used for the post emergence control of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses. AGIL is used for selective weed control in many broadleaf crops such as sugarbeet, oilseed rape, soybeans, sunflower, other field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, vineyards and forestry. AGIL is selective to all major broadleaf crops, during all their stages of development. AGIL is a systemic...

  • Bumper - Systemic Foliar Fungicide

    Bumper - Systemic Foliar Fungicide

    BUMPER is a systemic foliar fungicide of the triazole group, with protective and curative action. BUMPER has broad spectrum activity against a wide range of fungal diseases of wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice, maize, grass, turf, banana, coffee, pecan, sugarcane, beets, stone fruits, peanuts and ornamentals. BUMPER is of low mammalian toxicity and does not affect honeybees, beneficial insects or wildlife.

  • Broad Spectrum Fungicide

    Broad Spectrum Fungicide

    Custodia is a broad spectrum fungicide for the control of many fungal pathogens and diseases. Custodia has very good preventive and curative properties which provides flexibility and broad window application. Custodia has dual mode of action, hence it works at multiple stages of fungal development. Custodia impacts positively on the physiological activity of the applied crop by improving the yield and quality of the products, thus fetching better...

  • Galigan - Herbicide

    Galigan - Herbicide

    GALIGAN is a herbicide of the diphenyl-ether group used for selective weed control in a wide range of fruit trees, vegetables, field crops, ornamentals, forestry, sugarcane and non-crop areas. GALIGAN controls a wide spectrum of annual broadleaf and grass weeds. GALIGAN is used in pre-plant, pre-emergence and post-emergence applications. GALIGAN has prolonged residual activity and shows negligible leaching.Minimal rain or irrigation is...

  • Mirador - Fungicide

    Mirador - Fungicide

    Fungicide with protectant, curative, eradicant, tanslanninar and dystemic properties. MIRADOR belongs to strobilurin group. It is a fungicide with protectant, curative, eradicant, translaminar and systemic properties. MIRADOR is unique and has a very wide spectrum of disease control across grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, cucurbits, avocados, mangoes, passionfruit and poppies. MIRADOR is highly suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management programs,...