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  • Trimmers


    Line Shaft driven saw ladders: Reduces the overall horse power required. Eliminates 10-12 electric motors. Eliminates the associated motor starters. Reduces swinging mass of each saw ladder which improves ladder response. Results in a cleaner, clutter free saw box which is much easier to maintain

  • Model Series 150  - Verticle Bin Sorters Systems

    Model Series 150 - Verticle Bin Sorters Systems

    ASM Series 150 Verticle Bin Sorters are designed and built to last in our Holt, Florida facility to fit the needs of your mill. Whether your sawmill produces pine or hardwood, need 5 bays or 50 bays, want slings or steel, we can do it all.

  • Board Edger Systems

    Board Edger Systems

    ASM manufactures edgers and edger feed systems to fit a wide range of needs and budgets. We feature both manual and optimized feed systems. Our optimized system can feed multi saw board edgers or our two saw board edger. Our optimized feed table quickly and accurately skews and loads the board based on the computerized solution. Our manual feed system sets the saws based on laser line guided saw positioning. Both manual and optimized systems feature...

  • Model Series 310  - Planer Feed Table and Molder Feed Table

    Model Series 310 - Planer Feed Table and Molder Feed Table

    Simple easy to operate Patented Design (U.S. Patent #4823851). Articulating press rolls lift off the lumber to positively index each board for smoother operation. Chrome, smooth finished, press rolls will not damage pre-finished lumber as 'pineapple rolls' often do. Feed rolls are driven by an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive system. Hydraulic drive eliminates bulky electric motors, gearboxes and hazardous drive chains. Reduced press roll weight...