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  • Dammer Diker - Implanted Reservoir Tillage System

    Dammer Diker - Implanted Reservoir Tillage System

    The patented Dammer Diker process is simple but the effect is dramatic. It greatly improves each plant's access to moisture, nutrients, temperature, and air. An inter-row ripper opens up the soil, and a multi-spoke 'spider' implants the tillage reservoirs. The spiders are mounted on a common shaft in gangs of at least three spiders, with each spider being timed so that the gang rolls smoothly through the opened soil, alternately implanting the tillage...

  • Tillage Master - Multi-Function Tillage Implement Machine

    Tillage Master - Multi-Function Tillage Implement Machine

    The Tillage Master is a multi-function tillage implement that can be altered to function as a Dammer Diker®, a ripper, a chisel plow, a bed splitter, a lister/mark-out bar, or a drill master. This unique tool bar design utilizing high-lift, hydraulic reset shanks gives trouble free inter-row ripping and diking in the most severe rocky conditions.

  • FUMIGATOR - Implanted Reservoir Tillage System

    FUMIGATOR - Implanted Reservoir Tillage System

    AG Engineering is a leader in the manufacture and development of fumigation equipment. Our high-lift hydraulic reset shank is perhaps the best on the market for the application of soil fumigants. This shank will trip clear of field obstructions and reset itself instantly. This hassle-free feature is not only a key factor in keeping the machine in the field but limits the operators exposure to the chemical. There is no need for the operator to risk...

  • Pocket Pitter - Reservoir Tillage System

    Pocket Pitter - Reservoir Tillage System

    The Pocket Pitter is designed to provide the benefits of reservoir tillage in narrow row crops such as onions, carrots, sugar beets, beans, or for crops planted with multiple rows per bed. A long, narrow pit is created with minimal crop disturbance as inter-row ripper shanks are not needed. The specially designed chrome castings are available in a heavy 4” wide version or in the lighter 2.5” version.

  • Custom Built Machinery

    Custom Built Machinery

    Ag Engineering specializes in fabricating equipment to meet the needs of the innovative farmer. You provide the idea and we will provide the design and will work with you to accomplish your goals. Here are some samples of equipment that has been built. The equipment shown on the Fumigation page is all custom built to provide and meet a requested need.

  • Fall Bedding System

    Fall Bedding System

    The primary tillage work for fall bedding is done in a time of the year when the soil is dryer, less susceptible to compaction and more conducive to shattering. Spring compaction is reduced because the dikes drain the furrows and cushion the impact of the tractor tires on the soil. A tractor tire never runs where the crop is to be planted.