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  • Swing Away Augers

  • Model MKX 160 Series - Swing Away Augers

    Model MKX 160 Series - Swing Away Augers

    Introducing the MKX 160, available in 85', 105' and 125' lengths with capacity over 23,000 BPH. In order to design the best auger we’ve ever built, we utilized our world-class manufacturing facility and highly skilled research and development team. Westfield designed every detail of this auger for today’s demanding large farm and commercial operators. From the engineered top truss, for added strength and stability, to a long list of...

  • Wide Corrugation (4`) Grain Bins

  • Livestock Handling

  • Cattle Chute

    Cattle Chute

    Squeezes both sides. Side exit with hand release lever. Large neck injection area. Removable drop panels. Anti-back bar - self locking. Rubber floor - extra long life. Cam-lever rear split tail. Grease fittings at major pivot points. Upper and lower head gate stanchion adjustments. Rope tie cleats on both sides to secure chain on nose clamp. Fold-back adjustment screw for opening width of headgate. Hanging rod for liquid wormer and other medicine....

  • Livestock |Gates

  • 5 Cm (2`) Heavy Duty Feed Lot Cattle Gate

    5 Cm (2`) Heavy Duty Feed Lot Cattle Gate

    127 cm (50') tall. Clamp hinges. Heavy-duty z-bar welded at each rail. Durable chain and latch. Notched rails for sturdy welds. All rails are 16 Ga. steel. 6 rail. Complete with two 1.9 x 30 cm (3/4' x 12') bolt hooks. Rugged construction - excellent for confinement applications. Available in galvanized, ultra-protected powder coat bright red and bright green