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  • AGASOL - Water Soluble NPK

    AGASOL - Water Soluble NPK

    AGASOL is the range of water soluble NPK produce using just the best raw materials, guaranteing fast and total solubility of all the formulations offered. The correct breakdown of Nitrogen, the purity of Phosphorous and Potassium and the complete range of microelements chelated with EDTA, makes AGASOL the ideal fertilizers for all the different needs of the crops. The AGASOL range is complete in every formulation and ensure to the plant the right input...

  • Microaga - Complete Range of Microelements

    Microaga - Complete Range of Microelements

    MICROAGA is the complete range of microelements, chelated, ideal to prevent and cure the deficiencies of all the different microelements. 100% soluble, MICROAGA are the perfect complement to the nutrition made with macro and meso elements. The chelating agents used ensure the needed stability and resistance to the different Ph level of the soil where the products MICROAGA are applied. The chelated formulas (EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA) are all available, with the...