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  • AgBiome  - Genomic Discovery Technology

    AgBiome - Genomic Discovery Technology

    In spite of a concerted industry effort for many decades, only a small number of unique genes have been advanced into biotech crops. New genes and higher diversity are required if we want to continue to provide new tools to the farmers who are working to increase food output globally. In the area of insect and nematode control, AgBiome has surpassed the published discovery output of the entire field of research in just 1 year. We have identified over...

  • Genome Analysis Technology

    Genome Analysis Technology

    We are certainly living in the ‘decade of the microbiome.’ Scientists have applied new sequencing and genome analysis technology to demonstrate that the microbes that live in and around plants and animals, including humans, have an enormous impact on health and growth. This has led to a true revolution in our understanding of biology. Crop plants are no exception to this rule—billions of microbes live closely with plants in every...

  • Howler - Biological Fungicide

    Howler - Biological Fungicide

    Fungal diseases can destroy entire crops and can also contaminate or spoil harvested food.  Howler™ is our proprietary biological fungicide, a living microbe that is highly effective against a broad range of fungal and oomycete diseases.  In fact, Howler can be as much as 20x more effective than existing biological solutions, and is comparable to premier chemical control solutions in potency.