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  • Aglime - Calcium Feed Supplements

    Aglime - Calcium Feed Supplements

    AGLIME Stock Feed Supplements are an excellent concentrated source of calcium for stock and poultry. Our range of calcium feed supplements have a calcium availability of 38.5%. Aglime recommends at all times an animal nutritionist or stock feed expert be consulted. Stock Feed Products are available in three different sizes relevant to applications.

  • Model Ag 20 - Crushed Limestone Aggregate

    Model Ag 20 - Crushed Limestone Aggregate

    Although low-maintenance landscaping options are many and varied, crushed stone delivers the highest value over the longest period of time. Used along walks, flower beds, and waterscapes, crushed white limestone will minimize weed growth and soil erosion, while keeping the soil moist for plants. High-brightness limestone aggregate is selected for its high contrast against lush green lawns and colorful gardens.