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  • Generate - For Crops

    Generate - For Crops

    Consistently increase soybean yields. Stimulate beneficial microbial activity. Increase nutrient conversion 5-30%. Highly compatible with companion products. Flexible application at a minimal rate.

  • Generate - Model Corn - Microbial Catalyst

    Generate - Model Corn - Microbial Catalyst

    Consistently increase corn yields Stimulate beneficial microbial activity Increase nutrient conversion Highly compatible with companion products Flexible application at planting or foliar

  • Model Silage - Protect Silage

    Model Silage - Protect Silage

    Rapidly preserve silage Reduce dry matter loss Enhance palatability and nutrition Works in a variety of moistures Effective during liquid or dry application

  • Model Wheat - Wheat

    Model Wheat - Wheat

    Liberates nutrients Helps seeds meet genetic potential Promotes plant health Increases yield Compatible with other seed treatments Works as add-on or stand alone product