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  • Valtra - Model N Series - Tractor

    Valtra - Model N Series - Tractor

    The Valtra N is a new kind of tractor that combines the very best of performance and specifications in a balanced and functional package. Customers can choose the options required including engine power starting from the base Classic model up to the top-of-the-line Advance model which features advanced Common Rail engines, programmable transmissions and hydraulics, and suspended cabs and front axles. The Valtra N Series represents Nordic practicality at...

  • Duncan Ag  - Vineyard Seeder

    Duncan Ag - Vineyard Seeder

    All Vineyard Seeders come with the following features as standard equipment: Large diameter discs to cut through trash Rear foot board Weather skirts over the seeder units Weigh kit Dual boxes Agitator shaft and vees in the bottom of boxes Peg seeder units with large and small wheel for a variation of seed and fertilizer Covers to protect the ends of the drill Single or double disc machine Press wheels Seed level indicators