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  • Agpro - Manure Separators

    Agpro - Manure Separators

    Where there are problems, there are solutions. More stringent regulations and permit requirements make waste management a top concern at dairies and other livestock operations. Agpro Inc. is the solution.  From design to installation and service, we have the knowledge and experience to bring you the most complete selection of separation systems. As regulations get tougher, so do separation systems from Agpro Inc.  Our separators are able to...

  • Agpro - Ultimate Cow Cooling System

    Agpro - Ultimate Cow Cooling System

    Finally take control of you tunnel barns with Agpro's Tunnel Barn Cooling System. Manage your system's every aspect for efficient operation even in the hottest summer months. More efficient usage of water and electricity results in a greener, more earth-friendly dairy, as well a more profitable operation. This, coupled with increased milk production, allows the Agpro Cow Cooling System to pay for itself. Agpro offers dairy cooling systems that cater...

  • Agpro - Flush Valves

    Agpro - Flush Valves

    Flush valves are the heart and soul of any flush system. If you need powerful flush valves, this is your source! WaveFlush flush valves are specifically designed to do one job, flush manure as part of a well designed livestock flush system. These are not irrigation valves, they are flush valves. Check out the site, then call to order your valves direct and save. These flush cleaning valves put water to work for you. Designed by Agpro engineers to...

  • Agpro - Flush Tanks

    Agpro - Flush Tanks

    'Slim Line' design allows tanks to be installed in tight areas. Allows existing facilities to upgrade to flush cleaning without rebuilding. Washes away waste in seconds without disrupting daily routines.

  • Agpro - Agitators

    Agpro - Agitators

    The Agpro 90 AG Series provides the ultimate in heavy duty agitation equipment. This 90 degree pit agitator offers enclosed miter/bevel lower gear assembly, upper and intermediate thrust bearings, belt guard, motor, sheaves, belts and standard mount platform with filler anchor for pits 9'8' to 10'8' in depth. Includes a side anchor wall bracket. Longer lengths available upon request. We have control panels for all equipment, custom built...