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  • Model GEN-EL Series - Bucket Elevators

    Model GEN-EL Series - Bucket Elevators

    Combines new designs and gentle handling to efficiently move your delicate seeds and pellets. Featuring - a unique, newly designed interlocking bucket.

  • Modular Bins System

    Modular Bins System

    AGRA’s Modular Bin Systems are available in both Flat Wall and Waffle Panel bolt together models. The unique angle iron panel corner design reduces the number of fasteners required in a Waffle Panel by up to 50% over competitor designs. AGRA specializes in design-build feed mills, seed conditioning plants, grain handling equipment, and storage facilities. For nearly 50 years, our experience and customer service has proudly served the agriculture...

  • Feedmill Systems

    Feedmill Systems

    AGRA supports owners of feed mills with a comprehensive range of services and capabilities. From storage and handling, to mixing systems, baghouse collectors and turnkey mill facilities, AGRA offers custom-design and engineering, a full line of proven products, including