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  • Nutrition - Dairy

  • Key Dairy Program

    Key Dairy Program

    Agri-King strives to help each individual dairy operation achieve their goals.  Our Area Managers are trained to help identify your needs and provide solutions. 

  • Forage/Grain Treatment - Silo-King

  • Dry Silo-King

    Dry Silo-King

    For spreading over layers of baled hay in storage (15% to 25% moisture), mix 5 pounds of Silo-King with 25 pounds salt and apply 2 to 4 pounds per ton of hay.

  • Water Soluble

    Water Soluble

    Silo-King WS comes in 200 and 1000 gram packets. Its water soluble form is easily used by producers and custom operators.

  • Silo-King PLUS

    Silo-King PLUS

    Silo-King PLUS offers clients a convenient method of applying Silo-King® directly to crops.

  • Silo-King SGS

    Silo-King SGS

    Silo-King SGS is specifically designed and researched to work for better ensiling of small grain silages in dry or water soluble form.