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  • Trailers

  • Model 616TG - 76 In. x 16 Ft. Utility Trailer, Tandem Axle

    Model 616TG - 76 In. x 16 Ft. Utility Trailer, Tandem Axle

    This 76 In x 16 Ft cargo trailer with tandem axles and brakes can handle what you need to haul. Constructed of sturdy steel with a pressure treated pine wood floor, this utility trailer is manufactured in the USA and in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers' established industry and Federal DOT motor vehicle standards and regulations.

  • Ag & Tillage

  • Model 1025 - Gallon Nurse Wagon

    Model 1025 - Gallon Nurse Wagon

    his durable trailer is used primarily for transport and nursing applications. The tank sits on a trailer made from 6' heavy duty channel iron and two spring axles that are rated at 6000 lbs. each and a 2000 lb. swivel jack mounted in the front. It has 4 (225/75-15) 8 ply tires on a 6 bolt silver mod wheel. This is a 1025 gallon white corrosion resistant polyethylene leg tank that features molded in legs that act as baffles to reduce sloshing. It has a...

  • Disc & Tillage

  • Model 16 inch - Disc Hillers

    Model 16 inch - Disc Hillers

    Use the 16 in. disc hiller with a 16 inch shank to create raised garden beds or cover your crops. The Blanton style hub has 4 bolts and contains bearings to resist on wear and tear. Attached to your tool bar or to a Keulavator, ASC # 51946, use two of these disc bedders to move your soil efficiently in one pass.

  • Cultivator Clamps

    Cultivator Clamps

    This wedge clamp is made to use with a IHC tool bar. It is made to work with a shank and wedge bolt to secure the shank on to the tool bar.

  • Farm Machinery Implements

  • Model 3 Point Hitch - Poly Fertilizer Spreader

    Model 3 Point Hitch - Poly Fertilizer Spreader

    The Cosmo P400 Fertilizer Spreader has a Poly Hopper and PTO shaft and attaches via a three point hitch. The agitator is not required to use the poly hopper. The poly hopper on these fertilizer spreaders is interchangeable with the steel hoppers on the steel spreaders. The development of a distributing system with lateral exits of the fertilizer from the hopper ensures a better spreading at greater distance, obtaining a homogenous quantity on each...