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  • AgriCamera - Standard Lambing Camera

    AgriCamera - Standard Lambing Camera

    By far our most popular product, the Standard AgriCamera is great for many different buildings. When mounted at 4 metres off the ground, it will cover an area approximately 7 metres x 7 metres (25' x 25'). Whilst it can be mounted higher to cover a larger area, the detail of the image will reduce. Depending on how detailed an image you require, this may be acceptable to you, or alternatively you could combine a couple of Standard AgriCameras, and...

  • AgriCamera - Professional High Definition Image Sensor

    AgriCamera - Professional High Definition Image Sensor

    This camera has a High Definition image sensor, resulting in a larger and more detailed picture. The camera lens also has the ability to move 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically, controlled from your mobile phone or computer. These two features, combined with its 4x zoom, mean it is possible to cover a larger lambing or calving shed in excellent detail.

  • AgriCamera - Model Ultra360 - Ultimate Calving and Lambing Camera

    AgriCamera - Model Ultra360 - Ultimate Calving and Lambing Camera

    This is the ultimate calving and lambing camera available. Best mounted high in the roof of a large open plan shed, the camera lens can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically within it's protective glass dome. There is also a 12X optical zoom, similar to that found on an SLR camera, letting you zoom in up to 12x and keep the same level of detail. This means you can capture the same level of detail whether a cow or lamb is 10' away...

  • ProFarmer - Entry Level Camera

    ProFarmer - Entry Level Camera

    Our entry level camera provides you with a simple solution to monitoring your calving or lambing shed. The camera comes with a built in wireless transmitter which has a range of about 100m. The receiver then plugs straight into your TV giving you a simple and effective way of viewing your shed.

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  • AgriCamera - Bullet Camera Kit

    AgriCamera - Bullet Camera Kit

    The Bullet AgriCamera kit is our most popular camera kit and comes with everything you need to start monitoring your animals and farm buildings from the comfort of your own home! The AgriCamera Bullet HD is perfectly suited to for farm secuity or to give you an overview of your livestock. What makes AgriCamera unique is that our systems connect to your existing broadband router allowing you to view your cameras from any computer (via the AgriCamera...

  • AgriCamera - Professional Wireless Kit

    AgriCamera - Professional Wireless Kit

    The Professional AgriCamera is ideal for medium sized sheds where you want to be able to move the camera around but are not fussed about being able to optically zoom in as with the Ultra360 camera. The Professional camera is high defnition, with a 1280x720 pixel resolution.