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  • Cubicles Mattresses

  • AGRICOW - Baby Mattress

    AGRICOW - Baby Mattress

    The AGRICOW Baby mattress is the traditional mat composed of six cells filled with shavings rubber and rubber. 10 cm high, compact and very flexible, it is ideal for installation in cubicles plain concrete. It improves the condition of rest of animals, and their productivity by reducing the risk of bruises and trauma. It is comfortable and non-slip, in 2007 against international competitors resulting the best mattress in the test conducted by Dansk...

  • AGRICOW - Ecolattex Matress

    AGRICOW - Ecolattex Matress

    The AGRICOW Eco-Latex 5 cm. or 7 cm. Top Relax mattresses have been designed to ensure the right compromise between softness and resistance to loads, loss of balance and avoiding accidental falls. The particular structure of the AGRICOW Eco-Latex mattresses always allows it to return to its original thickness. The AGRICOW Eco-Latex mattresses showed no sign of sagging even after 100,000 rounds of impact. Both the cover and the mattress with open cell...

  • AGRICOW - Self Blocking Mattress with Sand Cow Tradition

    AGRICOW - Self Blocking Mattress with Sand Cow Tradition

    In the tradition of AGRICOW, the self blocking mattress for bed used with sand COW TRADITION is the result of studies and field experiences conducted over the years with the collaboration of expert farmers. It is a rubber-cell structure that allows the use of sand on a cubicle with no problems leakage or depressions caused by natural digging activity of animals. Full of sand it became a uniform base of inorganic material, chemically inert, soft and...

  • Stall Mats and Dairy Flooring

  • Stall Mats for Slatted Floor

    Stall Mats for Slatted Floor

    Not all mats are the same, there are cheaper and mats result of shorter duration. Normally they are foam or rubber mats, crumbled, compress easily deteriorate and lose their softness in no time. The question is more of the mats, spare tire never large quite cured. They have worst production processes with lower quality and less flexibility. The rubber mats AGRICOW are designed and manufactured to give the most comfort to the animals, longer lifetime...

  • AGRICOW - Steel Facilities Prefabricated

    AGRICOW - Steel Facilities Prefabricated

    Agricow has high expertise in the design of steel structures, performing calculations in accordance with the regulations. We are able to made standard structures and warehouses to size with the use of quality raw materials, check with consulting and engineering for livestock preliminary assessments and the choice of appropriate solutions. Perform preliminary and final designs with our highly technical staff qualified and equipped with the latest...