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  • Cow Mattress

  • Ubicles Mattresses

    Ubicles Mattresses

    Agricow has three different cow-mattress model designed and manufacted in compliance of Agricow tradition: a perfect mix between environment and economy, through the use of recyclable materials and high technology fabrics. . From the beginning we found undeniable benefits: decreased over 30% of mastitis and increased milk production more than 20%.

  • Cow Tradition Matrasses

    Cow Tradition Matrasses

    In the tradition of AGRICOW, the self blocking mattress for bed used with sand COW-MATRESS TRADITION is the result of studies and field experiences conducted over the years with the collaboration of expert farmers. It is a rubber-cell structure that allows the use of sand on a cubicle with no problems leakage or depressions caused by natural digging activity of animals. Full of sand it became a uniform base of inorganic material,...

  • Other Products

  • Rotary Cow Brush

    Rotary Cow Brush

    A great revolution in cow’s care and welfare. It is scientifically established that healthy cows produce more milk and  through AGRICOWS’ brushes YOU’ LL GET IT. THE AGRICOW  ROTARY BRUSHES  HAVE BEEN DESIGNED  TO FACILITATE A MORE HYGIENIC AND EFFICIENT CLEANING OF CATTLE, WHILE RATIONALISING COSTS WITH RESPECT TO TRADITIONAL MANUAL CLEANING. Agricow owns the italian patent No. 1360795 of may...

  • Gomma - Rubber Mats

    Gomma - Rubber Mats

    AGRICOW internally manufactures Stall Mats and Dairy Flooring thanks to a big investment in machinery, moulds, and specialized software that puts us among the leading manufacturers of supplier of market stalls all over the world. Thanks to an updated Injection Moulder Machine duly built,  Agricow is able to produce:   “fully vulcanized rubber”  whose features are:

  • Claw Treatment Motorized Crush

    Claw Treatment Motorized Crush

    The most recent result of constant research and development is the Agricow advanced motorized claw treatment crush with 4 motors for all the legs of the cow, to ensure greater comfort and safety both the animal and the operator. The size of the machine, the ground cover with a rubber mat specifically designed, have been amended to provide greater comfort and tranquility in the animal operations. It is manufacture internally in our...