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  • Ananas lucidas

    Ananas lucidas

    Ananas lucidas is showy variety with spineless bronze leaves and mini ornamental pineapple. Lucidas can be forced to flower with ethylene. Cut flowers/fruit can hold up in arrangements for 4-6 months.

  • Caladium Cerise

    Caladium Cerise

    Caladium 'Cerise' (Pha Ya Mol), has dusky pruple leaves with black veins wich are splattered with vivid pink flecks. This Thailand Caladium produces a stout wide leaf. Tissue culture produces superior Thailand Caladiums. Unlike the American Caladium which produces a large bulb, the Thai types produce very small bulbs which lack vigor and rot easily. All our Thailand Caladiums are produced via tissue culture and are planted two per cell. These Caladiums...