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  • Challenge - Model MT400B Series - Utility Tractors

    Challenge - Model MT400B Series - Utility Tractors

    Challenger MT400B Series tractors offer a variety of configurations to fit almost any farming or ranching operation — including 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive; open platform or cab and a choice of open- or closed-center hydraulics. These tough tractors deliver all the strength, power and reliability one would expect from a Challenger tractor. Whether they’re at work around the farm, moving materials on the construction site or mowing the median...

  • Model 7000 Series - Air Seeders

    Model 7000 Series - Air Seeders

    The capacity of the Leading 7800 is most impressive; with four main tanks totaling 800 bushels in capacity yet minimizing compaction.

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  • Rotary Cutters

  • Model FX742 - Rotary Cutter

    Model FX742 - Rotary Cutter

    2’ (12.8m) cutting width makes long days short again. Use 1 cutter where traditionally 2 or 3 cutters were needed. Cover more ground & reduce the number of tractors and fuel costs. Unique 5plex design flexibility allows for a 118” (3m) transport width. Available with stump jumpers for pasture and grass maintenance or with Schulte’s fixed knife and baffle technology for mulching crop residue such as straw, corn or cotton stalks.

  • Model FX530 - Rotary Cutter

    Model FX530 - Rotary Cutter

    30’ of mowing and shredding excellence. Accommodates 30”, 32”, 36”, 38' row spacings. Excellent shredding and distribution capabilities on Fixed Knife units. Unique drive layout allows for clutch at every down box. Spun formed pans available on pan unit. Floating hitch with rubber grommet rear suspension. Phasing system for a parallel lift cut. Non-adjustable clutches provide low maintenance. Available Cyclone Deck Debris Fan...

  • Model FX-318 - Rotary Cutter

    Model FX-318 - Rotary Cutter

    Schulte's first 18’ Flex Wing mower. An ultra narrow transport width makes moving this unit extremely safe and simple. Run with the same HP tractor as most 15’ flex wings, but gain the extra 3’ cutting width. Excellent choice for mowing crop residue, pastures, weeds, orchards and roadsides. Single 7 gauge domed deck sheds water and debris and increases life of the deck with this easy clean feature. Available 540rpm or 1000rpm 80°...

  • Snow Removal

  • Model RDX117 - Snowblowers

    Model RDX117 - Snowblowers

    The RDX-117 Rotating drum allows snow to be ejected out left or right side or center chute. The Schulte’s RDX-117 incorporates a 38” Five paddle open center cupped style fan which improves performance and is larger than most competitive designs on the market. On the RDX-117, a 1000 RPM gear driven drive system is standard. A size 8 Bondioli power shaft is included with shear pin protection to power the blower.A Bondioli Italian made...