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  • Buckets and Grapple Forks

  • Custom Built Buckets

    Custom Built Buckets

    Light and very rigid. Boxed design at heel and top. Hardox floor 1/4 inch thick. Size: 34 inch deep x 32 inch high. Width: 80 inch and up

  • High Arc Grapple

    High Arc Grapple

    72 inch opening. Standard bucket width: 96 inch. Hardox hi-strength bucket floor. Bolted 3/4 inch flat steel teeth (5 standard).

  • Manure Handling

  • Medium Duty Rolled Back Manure Fork

    Medium Duty Rolled Back Manure Fork

    The newly redesigned Medium Duty Rolled Back Manure Fork is a lighter, more affordable option for mid sized front-end loaders and smaller telehandlers. Agromec manure forks are designed and built to withstand the wear and tear of manure handling.  The ideal tool for clearing corrals and loading manure spreaders quickly and efficiently.

  • Straight Back Manure Fork

    Straight Back Manure Fork

    Skid steer Quick-Attach standard. 1 3/4 inch diameter x 28 inch long forged tines. 8 to 9 inch spacing. 1 3/8 inch forged teeth on grapple (5 standard). 2 x 12 inch hydraulic cylinders. Bushings at all pivot points. Well protected hydraulic hoses. Width: 70 inch and up.

  • Compost Bucket

    Compost Bucket

    The optimal solution for your composting needs. For poultry/horse manure, for solid. organic matters. Mixes mud, manure. with straw, green residues, wood shavings.